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The start and finish of the Star City San Bruno Mountain Half Marathon is in the quaint village of Brisbane, California. Runners will toe the line at the crosswalk at the intersection of Visitacion Ave and San Francisco Ave. Find the location on Google maps here.

The half marathon course is challenging, so be prepared! It is highly recommended that you bring a water bottle as we are a cupless race.

Also, the course is surrounded by sensitive habitat. It was very difficult to get the permits to put on this race. Runners who do not stay on the trail will be disqualified! You will see plenty of volunteers with signs. They have the authority to disqualify any runner who does not stay on the trails. Please show respect for this beautiful mountain!

Course map:

Half Marathon:

The course has about 2,400ft of cumulative elevation gain.

5k (Not held for 2022):

The course has about 250ft of cumulative elevation gain.

Elevation map:

Half Marathon:

5K (not held for 2022):

Screenshot_2019-06-24 Real Star City 5K Run Run Strava

Half Marathon Course Description:

Similar to the Dipsea Race, runners start their journey through downtown, running up Visitacion Ave before turning right on Mendocino St, then running up a couple of flights of stairs. At the top of the stairs, runners turn left on Humboldt Road, then right on Trinity Road, and then left on Kings Road. Your legs will get a little break on Kings Road before veering right on to Margaret Ave, then a hard right on to Paul Ave, which dead ends at an unnamed fire road. This begins your journey on the trails of San Bruno Mountain!

Take the fire road all the way to the top of the mountain. The toughest part of the race is the beginning, as this is where you’ll find most of your ascent. Once you reach the summit via the fire road you’ll immediately understand why this is an amazing course, as your view left will be the Pacific Ocean, while your view to the right will be the Bay.

After some nice rolling hills on the summit (Ridge Trail), you’ll reach a trail marker where the Ridge Trail transitions from fire road to single track. At the end of the trail, turn left on the Summit Loop Trail, just before Aid Station #1 at 3.4 miles. From here, hold your water bottle tightly as you’ll be treated to a super fast, almost two mile long downhill single track trail (Summit Loop Trail). You’ll then go back up the mountain (Summit Loop Trail), before making your way down to the saddle (Dairy Ravine Trail to Eucalyptus Loop Trail), and to Aid Station #2 at 7.4 miles.

You will then run the Saddle Loop Trail, before coming back to Aid Station #3 at 10.1 miles. To make your way back to Brisbane, you’ll run back to the Eucalyptus Loop Trail (this 200 meter section is the only part you’ll run twice), before making a sharp left on Old Ranch Road Trail.

When you get to the “Utility Road” at the end of the trail, you’ll turn right. When you get to a water tank, take the trail on the left. At the bottom of the trail is Golden Aster Ct, which you will run half a block to a stairway. Turn right, and go down the stairs to Silverspot Drive. Make another right, and run to the bottom of Silverspot Drive, turning left at the crosswalk and running along W. Hill Drive. At the crosswalk, turn right on to the Crocker Park Trail, and take this to the ramp that leads to Quarry Road. At the top of the ramp, turn left, and hall ass for the next 400 meters to the finish!

The course will be marked the night before with red ribbons. We’ll have volunteers or cones at each decisive intersection. Each Aid Station will be well stocked with gels, water, and sport drinks. Note that WE ARE A CUPLESS RACE and recommend that every runner bring their own water bottle or collapsible cup.

5K Course Description (Not held for 2022):

Runners will start the 5K course at the same starting line as the half marathon:  intersection of Visitacion, San Francisco and San Bruno Ave. Racers will run up Visitacion Ave before turning right on Mariposa St, and then the next right on Solano St, running past the Brisbane Community Pool and the front side of Lipman Middle School.  At the end of the school building, runners will be directed down a short path that crosses Quarry Road and onto a ramp that leads to the Crocker Park Trail.  Runners will turn right onto the Crocker Park Trail and follow it counter clockwise back to the ramp.  At the top of the ramp, racers will make a left on Quarry Road, heading down the last 400 meters to the finish, which is the same as the half marathon. 

The course will be marked the night before with red ribbons. We’ll have volunteers and cones at each decisive intersection.

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